- My life falls apart
- Searching for an answer
- Putting together the jigsaw puzzle
- What is chronic fatigue syndrome?
- Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
- Diet
- Exercise and rest
- You CAN get well





You CAN get well 

'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - You CAN Get Well' 

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Sometimes you will despair of ever getting well. A dark cloud of depression will close in around you and the situation will seem hopeless but somehow you must cling to that glimmer of hope - of faith that you will get well. 

Never lose hope. And if you have faith in God, you have a huge advantage in your battle against chronic fatigue syndrome. A major illness can either destroy a person's faith if they become bitter against God or it can bring about a new depth of relationship with God. 

I have always had a simple faith in God thanks to the grounding of some wonderful Catholic nuns who taught me at primary school and later to evangelical Christians who taught me to study the Bible and demonstrated genuine Christian love. The existence of God has always been self-evident to me, as obvious as the existence of life itself. So when I became sick it was natural to cry out to God, "why?" 

I still don't know all the reasons why but I do know that the suffering I went through brought about huge changes for the better in my character. And it drew me closer to God because I had to rely on Him for strength just to get through each day. There is often a spiritual basis to sickness. If you are always striving to achieve, pushing your body beyond the point of fatigue and whipping it along with stimulants such as caffeine and sugar, something will eventually give.  

If you have inherited a strong constitution you may be able to continue that kind of lifestyle for many years. But if you are reading this book the chances are your body has already succumbed to some bad lifestyle habits. It is time to re-evaluate and that can include a spiritual re-assessment of the direction of your life. 

Pray that you will be fully restored to health. If you don't believe in God, believe in the power within your body to heal itself, given the right conditions of a good diet and adequate rest.